Manage GiveSignup’s Facebook Fundraiser API Integration

Managing your Facebook Fundraiser is straightforward with GiveSignup’s easy-to-understand donation report and a simple process to reconcile your GiveSignup and Facebook reports.

Donations made on Facebook are paid through Facebook and show on Facebook financial reports. Donations made on GiveSignup are paid through GiveSignup and show on GiveSignup financial reports. 

Your donations report (Donations/Fundraising >> Reports >> Donations) shows donations from Facebook Fundraisers as manual donations in real-time, so that you can view your race’s up-to-date fundraising total across both platforms in one place.

The integration pulls the following data from Facebook into your donations report:

  • Name (this always appears as Facebook Donation)
  • Donation amount
  • Donation date

If you need to reconcile the Facebook Donations that sync to your GiveSignup peer to peer fundraising event with your Facebook donation reports, you can use the amount, date, and time that the donation was made to do so.

Facebook Donations also automatically appear as recorded donations on the Manual Donations report (Donations/Fundraising >> Manual).

Version 2 of the GiveSignup – Facebook Fundraiser API integration will include the unique Facebook donation ID in GiveSignup reports. This will allow you to reconcile on the unique donation ID, in addition to the amount, date, and time.

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