Technology for Charity Bibs

GiveSignup makes charity bib fundraising easy with flexible options for peer to peer fundraising and tools to communicate with and reward your key fundraisers.

Fundraising Pages

Provide your fundraisers with automatically created fundraising pages they can customize to tell their story and encourage giving from friends and family.

Free Entries

Provide free or reduced race entries based on reaching pre-determined fundraising thresholds. Waive the fee up-front or refund fundraisers once their goal is reached.

Communication Tools

Built-in free tools for email and website make it easy for you to keep up with your fundraisers and share fundraising tips and toolkits.

Easy Reporting

Track the success of your fundraisers and easily verify who has (and hasn’t) met their goal so you can follow-up effectively.

Charity Bibs are…

…a fundraising tool that facilitates registration for popular, prestigious, or sold out endurance events for organization’s supporters. In exchange, these athletes commit to raise a minimum dollar amount for the nonprofit organization, almost always an official “charity partner” of the event. Each charity partner is given a set number of bibs, or entries, which they can distribute to a select and highly motivated group of fundraisers. Typically, fundraisers must raise their full goal amount by race day.

Setting Up Charity Bibs

In some cases, charity bibs are managed by the race, while in other instances, charities manage the registration and fundraising for their teams independently. Typically, the race sets up and manages the charity bibs when the event organized by the charity, or there is only one charity partner and a close relationship between the event and the charity.

In many situations, the charity bibs are set up separately from the race registration, with the charity managing registration and fundraising for their team and working with the race to manage the guaranteed entries and any fees for their team. For example, Semper Fi Fund uses RunSignup to create a website for each of their charity partner programs with major marathons (including Boston MarathonMarine Corps Marathon, and New York City Marathon), as well as their Community Athletes Fund, despite race registration for those events existing on a variety of platforms.

Key Features for Charity Bib Set Up

Waiving the Registration Fee

GiveSignup makes it easy to waive (or not waive) the registration fee for charity bib runners. You can set up the option that’s right for your fundraising event.

  • Waive the Fee Upfront: Waive the fee for charity bib runners during the registration process with a required fundraising minimum. Charge the participant (automatically or manually) if they don’t meet the goal.
  • Refund the Fee: Have participants pay the registration fee during registration to ensure a commitment, then send a full refund the moment the fundraising minimum goal is reached.

Option to Auto-Charge When the Fundraising Goal is Not Met

  • Additionally, you can require participants be a fundraiser and set unique fundraising minimums for each event.
  • Participants will agree to pay the difference between their goal and what they actually raise during registration. They will agree to have their credit card securely stored so you can charge them later if needed.
  • Communicate well, and often. Customize special notifications for fundraisers who do not reach their fundraising goals.

Support and Reward Fundraisers

  • Use your free website to create a toolkit for your fundraisers, with graphics they can use, suggestions for fundraising, and examples of successful fundraisers
  • Add a fundraisers leaderboard to foster a sense of (friendly) competition
  • Set up milestones and badges to reward fundraisers as they reach new goals – and encourage them to raise more even after they reach the minimum

Fundraising Teams

Fundraising teams can boost morale, foster a sense of community, and boost donations. Within a fundraising team you can:

  • Set a team captain to take on a leadership role and motivate their team members.
  • Teams can create a unifying profile to feature team photos and total amount raised
  • Show top fundraising teams with leaderboards to encourage friendly competition

Fundraising Events Talk Charity Bibs

Let’s Take a look at the numbers

A case study done on Semper Fi & America’s fundraising programs, a program that actively uses GiveSignup charity bibs to drive home fundraising. See the stats for yourself.

45% of Total Donations Raised By Team Members
$172,550 Raised by Top Fundraising Team
38.8% Of Supporters Joined a Team

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