Technology for Kids Events…

GiveSignup’s free event software is perfect for Kids Events. We make it easy for parents to register their kids, and for nonprofits to organize kids events:


Make it simple for parents to register their kids in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, age-based pricing setups, and social sharing settings.

Series & Programs

Set up a series, whether it’s national or regional locations, or a program that runs through the year.


Make sure you have enough volunteers to help manage your kids events. GiveSignup has the free tools to get kids checked in, t-shirts distributed, and more.

Key Features for Kids Events

COPPA Data Protections

GiveSignup’s policies around registrations for kids events are designed with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”) in mind, particularly for those under 13.

  • Anyone registering a minor under 18 must confirm that they are the parent or guardian of the child in question.
  • Children’s profiles on GiveSignup are created as sub-accounts of the parent’s profile, ensuring that the parent receives all event communications.
  • Publicly available information about children under 13 is limited, with names in results & participant searches truncated to first initial and last name, and additional identifying information like a street address withheld.
  • Photo uploads are prohibited by any profile that indicates the user is under 18.

Age-Based Pricing

Pricing is your strongest call to action. Implement age-based pricing to give young participants a break – and make it easy for parents to recognize the deal they’re getting.

  • Age-based pricing is automatically implemented, with the discount given based on the age of the participant in the profile. No issues with “oops, I forgot to enter my coupon code later”!
  • Display the age-based pricing directly on your event tiles to make it clear that kids can save.
  • Make all your events kids events with family-friendly pricing that makes it viable for parents and kids to both run your event.

Flexible Waivers & Information Collection

Collect all the information you need to ensure your kids event is safe and adult information is accessible

  • Require multiple waivers when multiple parties need specific waivers (such as the event management organization and the school that it sponsors)
  • Ask for additional emergency contact information for each child who registers
  • Use custom questions to record additional details about specific needs of each child.

Volunteer Platform

Keep your kids race fully staffed with a volunteer platform built directly into your race dashboard.

  • Organize your volunteer needs with individual volunteer tasks, timeslots groupings of tasks into categories, and dedicated volunteer and task coordinators
  • Optimize your assignments with minimum and maximum numbers of volunteers needed
  • Add custom questions with information and waivers from your volunteers
  • Easily communicate through free email and automated volunteer lists (and sub-lists by task or category)
  • Take advantage of vouchers to offer your volunteers discounted entry into future events

Customer Spotlight

Seaside School Foundation

The 20th annual Seaside School Half Marathon + 5K is back in person this year with a hybrid event to raise money for the Seaside School, Inc., one of the oldest public charter schools in the state of Florida. The race weekend kicks off with an unofficial pre-party: Taste of the Race, a dinner that features the top chefs and restaurants from the Gulf Coast.

  • 10% Increased donations

  • 500 Dinner Gala Attendees

  • 3,000 Participants

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