Technology for Volunteers…

GiveSignup’s integrated and free Volunteer Management system makes easy to recruit and manage volunteers for your nonprofit’s events.


GiveSignup’s Volunteer management system is built into every event dashboard, making it simple and easy to manage volunteers for each event.

Tasks & Time Slots

Set up tasks – like water stops, team packet pickup, etc. – and time slots that volunteers can sign up for. Set minimum and maximum number of volunteers needed.


Communicate with your volunteers through GiveSignup’s integrated Email platform, with volunteer recipient lists and replacement tags.

Volunteer CheckIn

In addition to easy-to-use EventDay technology for your fundraisers and participants, GiveSignup also has a Volunteer CheckIn App so you can manage your volunteers.

Key Features for Volunteers

Volunteer Task Management

Organize your volunteer tasks to make it simple for your volunteers to sign up to help.

  • Create volunteer tasks and timeslots to identify each of your needs
  • Set minimum and maximum volunteers needed per task
  • Group volunteer tasks into categories for simple and intuitive display
  • Include specific details (time, place, etc.) for each task and category
  • Access direct links to each task to make it easier to direct committed volunteers to the right task to sign up

Coordinator Access

Empower your volunteer coordinators to do their job by providing them with broad or specific access.

  • Add coordinator access on the task or category level to provide them access to the data about the volunteers they are responsible for
  • Add access to all volunteer data for via secure access sharing settings
  • Enable coordinators to
  • Set up notifications for your coordinators so they never miss a thing

Information Collection

Collect the right information for every event volunteer.

  • Require (or allow) volunteers to respond to questions in a variety of formats, including check box, select menu, time entry, and free form
  • Ask conditional questions if the volunteer is signing up for a specific task or tasks
  • Include a required volunteer waiver during registration
  • Import additional volunteers into the system as needed

Volunteer Platform

Keep your kids race fully staffed with a volunteer platform built directly into your race dashboard.

  • Organize your volunteer needs with individual volunteer tasks, timeslots groupings of tasks into categories, and dedicated volunteer and task coordinators
  • Optimize your assignments with minimum and maximum numbers of volunteers needed
  • Add custom questions with information and waivers from your volunteers
  • Easily communicate through free email and automated volunteer lists (and sub-lists by task or category)
  • Take advantage of vouchers to offer your volunteers discounted entry into future events

Customer Spotlight


The YMCA is one of the nation’s leading nonprofits strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. GiveSignup has free and purpose-built registration and ticket event solutions that help all types of YMCA events. Find solutions for YMCAs across the country to raise money, bring awareness to their local programs and charities, and engage members and the broader community.

  • $2.4 Million from Turkey Trot Donations

  • 20 Day Challenges

  • 100 YMCAs

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