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GiveSignup creates best in class technology for peer-to-peer fundraising events. Our Development team builds the best software in the event industry to boost donations, optimize registrants, and streamline Event Day. Our Sales and Customer Support team makes sure that our customers use these tools to their maximum potential throughout the full event cycle: Marketing, registration, and Event Day. We’re focused on delivering easy, accessible technology for fundraising events at a low cost, and with no advertising or spam. This simple business model keeps our costs low, makes us efficient, and keeps our heart in the right place… focused on technology for events!

GiveSignup is an event technology product built by RunSignup. As an Event Director and runner frustrated by existing online registration platforms, RunSignup founder Bob Bickel set out to build a better one that solved problems for event directors and participants in 2009.

Today RunSignup is the largest registration platform for endurance and peer to peer fundraising events with more than 7 million participants signing up each year.

We saw the same need for easy, accessible event technology that solves problems for peer-to-peer events. In July 2019 we launched a new fundraising platform to formally introduced GiveSignup. We leveraged our core technology platform, robust infrastructure, product knowledge from 12 years of building solutions for complex event problems, and relationships with more than 28,000 events to accelerate GiveSignup’s growth as we become the obvious choice for fundraising events.

GiveSignup’s Guiding Principles

Work >> Learn >> Fun >> Teamwork

Why do GiveSignup team members get up every morning and come to work? Working hard, learning continuously, having fun, and collaborating with a team are necessary for a fulfilling job and a successful company.

Responsibility >> Trust >> Efficiency

To keep all the disparate parts of a company progressing, every employee needs to feel a sense of responsibility and trust. When that happens, you build a culture that is efficient and forward moving.

Employees >> Customers >> Owners

The key stakeholders of GiveSignup are the owners, the employees, and the customers. The needs of all three can only be met by sharing power and building empathy between the groups.

Meet some of the GiveSignup Team

Get to see some of the behind the scenes work and learn more about the talented people behind it all with our growing video library of DevTalks, Founder’s corner videos, and more.

More Than 28,000 Events Choose GiveSignup Because…

We value your trust above everything.

GiveSignup is a PCI Level 1 payment facilitator and we’ve processed more than $1.7 billion, with all transaction dollars going directly to your event’s bank account and 100% on-time payment. Since 2015, we’ve had just 4 minutes of downtime while doing more than 2,000 software releases per year. We don’t lock you into any contracts – we want happy customers and if you aren’t satisfied, you can leave at any time. Our dedicated support staff is available 7 days per week to assist your team. 

Our free marketing tools boost your ticket sales.

Promote your event with unlimited free email, free websites (not just a page), custom social sharing, and digital marketing integrations. Grow your event by incentivizing attendees to bring their friends and family with automated Referral Rewards. Drive revenue and a sense of urgency with the most flexible ticket pricing options available. 

Your attendees won’t see our brand, only yours.

Unlike other fundraising platforms, we don’t show our brand and logo to your attendees – and we’ll never send your attendees marketing emails for other events. From custom domains to fully customizable notifications and email, and an event website that’s easy to build and design, your attendees will only see and engage with your brand.  

We make your ticketing simple.

Fundraisers have a smooth and easy sign up process with mobile-responsive, SEO-optimized websites. Your fundraising data is always available to easily view and export. We reduce your team’s customer service with powerful participant management options.

We have the technology you need on Event Day.

Schedule pre-event emails and streamline check-ins with our easy to use mobile CheckIn App. Register participants day of and continue participant engagement after the event with RaceDay photos and online results.

Our success is tied to your success.

Our transparent, transaction-based processing fees mean that we only make money when people sign up for your event. This business model keeps us aligned with event directors and ensures that we are partners in building great and free technology that grows your event and makes you successful. 

Guiding Principles…

Work Hard

You just get better if you consistently put work in. Maybe not overnight, but if you work hard consistently, you can get pretty good after 10 years.

Learn a Lot

True learners do not fear failure but welcome it as a lesson to build on tomorrow. Staying within what you know is not fulfilling and does not build on the constantly changing world – taking advantage of those changes requires learning.

Have Fun

What motivates us to work hard if work is not also fun? Laughing at ourselves is a requirement so we don’t take ourselves too seriously or become too egocentric.

Be a Team

Working, learning, and fun is so much better when you can do it with others. Harnessing the combined and diverse talents of a team, including customers, can lead you to do things that no one person can do individually.

Company News

GiveSignup 2024 Product Roadmap

At the end of the year, we publish multiple blogs that give a product recap, infrastructure recap, and 2024 Product RoadMap. Our GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap and 2024 Roadmap will focus on peer-to-peer fundraising. Since GiveSignup customers benefit from all of our…

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GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap

At the end of the year, we publish multiple blogs that give a product recap, infrastructure recap, and 2024 Product RoadMap. Our GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap and 2024 Roadmap will focus on peer-to-peer fundraising. Since GiveSignup customers benefit from all of our…

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Founder’s Corner – 2024 Company Strategy

Last year I wrote about our Product Led Company Strategy and how we operate the company on a “Product Led Growth” strategy based on our Guiding Principles. We discussed our basic revenue stream based on payments. And we discussed our Employee Owned model where our…

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GiveSignup Q3 2023 Update

This was a very interesting quarter. We saw continued growth in our business. We saw “normal” returning to the endurance community, although with some final adjustments. Specifically, some of the growth we saw in the first two quarters of the year were…

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GiveSignup Q2 2023 Update

Q2 2023 saw several very positive trends in our business: We share our high level numbers and thoughts on the market and technology advances on a quarterly and yearly basis – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and Q1 2023. RunSignup Quarterly Numbers We continue to see growth from…

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Welcome, Adriana Medina & Vincent Loretta

We are excited to announce our newest team members Adriana Medina and Vincent Loretta. Adriana is joining as an intern on the account management team, and Vincent is joining as an intern on the software engineering team. To welcome Adriana and Vincent…

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Now Hiring: HR Administrator

GiveSignup is seeking an HR Administrator to join our team in Moorestown, NJ!  This is a great opportunity for a detail-oriented individual who is passionate about helping people.  What you’ll be doing In this role, you will be expected to manage payroll,…

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Welcome, Joshua Samontanez!

We are excited to announce our newest team member, Joshua Samontanez. Joshua is joining GiveSignup as a mobile/web developer on the RaceDay Team. To welcome Josha to our team and to give him the opportunity to tell his story, we spent time…

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Welcome, David Drew!

We are excited to announce our newest team member, David Drew. David is joining GiveSignup as a Technical Customer Service Representative. He will primarily be focused on providing support for timers using RaceDay Scoring as well as runner tracking. To welcome Drew…

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Welcome, Duy Nguyen & Matthew Brady

We are excited to announce our 2 newest team members, Duy Nguyen and Matthew Brady. Duy Nguyen and Matthew Brady are joining GiveSignup as part of the software engineering co-op. To welcome Duy and Matthew to our team and to give them…

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Company 2022 Year in Review

One of our Year End Wrap-up Blogs. Others include 2022 Availability Report, Company Strategy, TicketSignup 2022 Product Recap, RunSignup 2022 Product Recap, and TicketSignup Product Roadmap. Also, here is our 2023 Roadmap Webinar. RunSignup helped our customers process $400 Million for their events in 2022. We have continued our…

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FAQ: Introducing TicketSignup

We are excited to announce TicketSignup, an offering that provides event directors with an intuitive and free event ticketing option that works for simple, complex, and multi-day events. TicketSignup provides event directors with all the tools you need for a successful event,…

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