GiveSignup 2024 Product Roadmap

At the end of the year, we publish multiple blogs that give a product recap, infrastructure recap, and 2024 Product RoadMap. Our GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap and 2024 Roadmap will focus on peer-to-peer fundraising. Since GiveSignup customers benefit from all of our platform enhancements, RunSignup, and TicketSignup updates, we will also link to those as they become available.

In this blog, we provide an overview of our 2024 GiveSignup product strategy. Overall, there are 5 main focuses to our strategy:

  1. Adding more peer to peer fundraising and donation features
  2. Websites V2, with new P2P website features
  3. Enhancing Email capabilities for P2P events
  4. Onboarding P2P customers to GiveSignup
  5. Beyond P2P Events: Membership and Admissions

P2P and Donation Features

We have a lot of new features planned for peer to peer fundraising events in 2024. In fact, some of these features are already in development and starting to come out now!

Umbrella Teams

If you are using team fundraising, you’ll notice a new Umbrella Teams tab on the setup page. Umbrella Teams are a collection of fundraising teams. For example, GiveSignup is the Umbrella Team with 3 fundraising teams: Developer Fundraising Team, Sales & AM Fundraising Team, and Marketing Fundraising Team. The amounts that each of the three fundraising teams raise roll up to the GiveSignup Umbrella Team. The Umbrella Team page features its own logo and description (the event adds this from the dashboard). We’ll be adding a few more features to make this fully available for all events in the coming weeks – keep your eyes out for a blog coming soon!

Custom Question Fundraiser Badges

You’ll be able to create custom fundraising badges based on responses to custom questions with a Yes/No response. For example, “Have you adopted a pet?” and give everyone who answered “Yes” a paw print badge. These are some of the badges you’ll be able to choose from or you can upload your own!

Fundraiser Minimum Upgrades

Nonprofits have always had a variety of ways to set fundraiser minimums – suggested, required, event fee waived, etc. In 2020 we added the option to save credit cards to autocharge the difference when fundraisers don’t reach their required minimum. In 2024, we will add a new option to present higher fundraiser minimums tied with rewards so that you can incentivize fundraisers to raise more.

Donation E-cards

We will extend our flexible “in honor of” donation dedication settings. Your event will have the option to allow donors to enter an email and/or physical mailing address to their honoree when they make a donation. We will automate the email notification, or your nonprofit can use the physical address to mail cards to the honorees.

Incremental Improvements

In addition to large planned features, we will continue to make many smaller incremental improvements. We continuously monitor customer requests to make development decisions.

Websites V2 for Nonprofit Events

In 2024 we will introduce Websites V2. Like Email V2, Websites V2 will introduce a next-generation Website Builder. While most nonprofits have their own websites, there are many benefits to GiveSignup’s free and purpose-built event websites. From SEO and hosting event FAQs to featuring dynamic donation goal thermometers and fundraising leaderboards, nonprofits leverage GiveSignup’s free websites today.

In addition to all the features in GiveSignup’s free websites today, Websites V2 will have a number of improved and/or new features for nonprofits:

  • Next-generation content management, with easy options to build and organize pages and menus
  • Component library with static (i.e. 3 images with text, video) and dynamic (i.e. countdown, donation goal thermometer) components. Websites V2 will allow components to be added anywhere on any page.
  • Donations goal thermometer across events. Nonprofits with multiple P2P events on GiveSignup will have the option to sum all donations made across selected events based on dates, and display in a dynamic donation goal.
  • Fundraising leaderboards across events with the same functionality as described above.

Peer to Peer Email

Events will send more than 600 million emails for free from GiveSignup’s free and integrated Email Marketing. In 2023, we rolled out dozens of new features for Email V2. For a full list, see the RunSignup 2023 Product Recap. In 2024, we will continue to release many more Email Marketing features. We wanted to highlight two that will be particularly powerful for nonprofits:

  • Fundraiser Milestone Notifications: Similar to how we added notifications for virtual challenge milestones, we’ll add options to automatically send notifications when fundraisers achieve a milestone.
  • Super Lists: Email V2’s recipient lists will get more powerful in 2024. We will add ways to create filtered lists across all events and send an email. For example, fundraisers who have raised more than $500 or supporters who participated in 2+ events since 2021.

Onboarding Improvements

There are thousands of nonprofits that create (or renew) events on GiveSignup each year. In 2024, we want to help optimize donation setup so that nonprofits can raise more money. These are little improvements that can have a big impact. For example, we will add default (but customizable) donation levels when donations are enabled. In addition, we will make it easier to enable the checkout page option to add a donation.

For large peer-to-peer fundraising events, we have extended capabilities to smoothly transition your event to GiveSignup from other platforms.

Membership and Admissions

GiveSignup is focused on building best-in-class and free software for nonprofit events. For some nonprofits like zoos and botanical gardens, membership is a key part of events. Members may get discounted entry fees. Events are also a great way to upsell memberships – “Become a member today and get 25% off your tickets.”

In the coming weeks, we will release a beta version of our next-generation memberships. You can learn more about some of the key features here. By early 2024, there will be a number of powerful tools for nonprofits, including auto-renewals and integration with both GiveSignup and TicketSignup. In addition, we will be releasing our next-generation timed entry and admissions ticketing next year. Nonprofits with membership, admissions, and/or timed entry events will have a FREE and all-in-one platform to handle all events AND get more members.

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