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Latest Blogs on Email Marketing

Using Canva For Your GiveSignup Website

Building out your GiveSignup Website V2 and worried about limited design skills (and time)? One of our recommended tools, Canva can help you create a cohesive look for your peer-to-peer fundraising event website and keep online visitors engaged with your fundraising information….

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Website V2 Product Roadmap

Websites V2 are powerful today; of course, we also have a Website V2 Product Roadmap. This blog lays out our near term and long term priorities. Website Components The first priority is to add Event Tiles to Websites V2. In 2022 we…

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Creating Website Custom Content Pages

This is the really fun part of Websites V2. Unlike legacy GiveSignup race websites, Websites V2 allows you to create content-rich, professional looking website pages for every page on your website. No coding needed! The Website Builder for Websites V2 operates in…

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Structuring Your Website: Creating Pages & Menus

With the release of Websites V2, GiveSignup has introduced a Website Builder to streamline the process of adding and organizing content pages. Once you have set style options for your website, it’s time to start structuring your website with pages and menus….

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Style Options for Your Website V2

Like our legacy race websites, style options for your Website V2 allow you to fully brand your site. This means the colors used, logos, images, and styles can be customized to match your organization branding – just like a professionally built WordPress…

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Introducing Websites V2

We are very excited to release Websites V2 for races. GiveSignup has always had fully customizable fundraising event websites that tens of thousands of events use as their primary website today. Websites V2 is still FREE and enhances all of the purpose-built…

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Image Gallery for Websites V2

Image Gallery is now available for Websites V2 (Websites V2 beta release late March/early April). The Image Gallery is a powerful way to use, manage, and organize images across all races and ticket events. And now, you can share images across Email V2 and Websites V2. Image…

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February Peer-to-Peer Roundup

It’s truly a gift that we get to partner with so many amazing events raising money for great causes and organizations. And there’s certainly no shortage of amazing events to shine a light on, but we like to pick a few we…

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Fundraising Event Websites V2 Sneak Peek

A website is the core communications tool events have with their participants. GiveSignup has long recognized this and created a full featured website capability that includes content management, hosting, built-in analytics and integrated data components like results, find a participant, fundraiser pages, donation goal…

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Custom Favicons for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Event Websites

A favicon is the small logo that appears on the tabs of browsers, helping users differentiate between open tabs. It also serves as an additional branding opportunity for the website. By default, RunSignup websites pull in the RunSignup favicon, and GiveSignup websites…

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How to Use the GiveSignup Website

GiveSignup is a product-led company, and our goal is to create end-to-end technology solutions that can solve our customers problems. We invest heavily in UX to make our peer to peer fundraising platform intuitive, but events are complicated and every event director needs…

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