Multi-Event Donation Thermometer for Organization Websites

We have added a new component to show the total donation across any combination of RunSignup, GiveSignup and TicketSignup events across any date range to our Organization Websites. The new component is part of a growing number of components to make websites more data driven and real time.

The Multi-Event Donation Thermometer has several settings:

  • Your Goal
  • The Race and Ticket ID’s (these are the unique number at the end of the URL for your event dashboard (for example the 21 in or the 5938 in
  • Date Range

You can put several of these on your Organization Website on any page or pages. In this example, we are showing donations for this year and for donations since the pandemic:

The Multi-Event Donation Thermometer is part of a growing family of components that can cross events, like our Event List. We will be bringing additional components, and also make these components available across all of our product websites include races, tickets, memberships and peer to peer events.

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