Using Canva For Your GiveSignup Website

Building out your GiveSignup Website V2 and worried about limited design skills (and time)?

One of our recommended tools, Canva can help you create a cohesive look for your peer-to-peer fundraising event website and keep online visitors engaged with your fundraising information. Canva offers a free plan that still gives you access to a wide range of design tools to level up your website visuals and create images of any dimension. If you’re using it extensively, paid versions currently start at $15/month ($120/yr) and allow you to easily resize your images to perfectly fit multiple dimensions for use throughout you race website. Additionally, you can create unlimited designs for your website through their library of elements, images, and fonts.

Canva is a user-friendly design platform, so anyone can create a quality design. Here’s how to leverage Canva with the release of Websites V2:

Image Dimensions for Websites V2

There are many types of images that you can upload to embellish your race website, each with unique dimensions. Canva’s “custom size” option is a great tool to use to create a design fits perfectly on your website. This guide covers the most common image types and their properties that are used within Websites V2.

Start creating the image you want for your website with our pre-made Canva templates. Each template is comprised of:

  • Image guidelines
  • Option to start from scratch
  • Create from a pre-made template
  • View an example design

Jump to a specific image type:

Homepage Banners

There are three options for your homepage banner:

Full-Height: 1440px X 600px

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded to Websites V2

Stacked: 1200px X 400px

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded to Websites V2

Default: 1200px X 400px

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded to Websites V2

*Bottom portion of image gets cropped.

Page Banners

Your page banner will display on every sub-page you create. You do not have to use page banners; you can use simply a background color with race details or disable page banners entirely. However, with page banners you have two options: stacked and default.

Default: 1200px X 600px

*Image crops, so keep important text/ designs within top 88px of height.

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded to Websites V2

Stacked: 1200pc X 600px

*Image will not crop when uploading, use full space to fill in design.

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded to Websites V2

Cards Component

The cards component is a great way to highlight extra information or point fundraisers to different areas of your website. For cards components it’s best to upload each card with an image of the same dimensions. The cards component are responsive, and display differently on different devices and for different numbers of cards in a row. The design guidelines mapped out within the Canva template will ensure your design will show properly for both rows of two and three and four, as well as on mobile & desktop devices.

Cards Component: 300px X 150px

Images Made In Canva

Displayed in 2-Column

Displayed in 3-Column

Images Uploaded to Websites V2


Adding in images through the image gallery to fill in a 2-column component is a great way to breakup heavy text and keep visitors engaged with your content as they read through.

2-Column Image: 900px X 900px

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded with Websites V2

DIY Section Header

Want the look of a stylized header to separate sections within your webpages? Use the dimensions below to create your own DIY section header. Upload the design to your website through the basic image component.

Section Header: 1200px X180px

Image Made In Canva

Image Uploaded to Websites V2


Most pre-made logos will fit seamlessly when you upload to the logo placeholder. If you need to resize or create one from start use the dimensions below.

Rectangle Logo: 500px X 200px

Logo Resized in Canva

Circle/ Square Logo: 500px X500px

Image Uploaded to Websites V2

Favorite Tips For Customizing Designs in Canva

Color Drop Tool

Use this tool to easily drag your pointer over any color and click to use that color in your color scheme.


Use this tool to decrease the opacity to any design element.

Font Effects

Use font effects to create outlined letters, drop shadows, and more.

Borders For Shapes

This tool will give any shape that you are designing with a clean border that you can color customize.

Color Effect: Duotone

This photo editing tool allows you to easily change the color of an element to fit your color scheme.

Canva Apps

Canva offers a number of apps to further customize your designs. There’s something for anything!

Mockups for Merch 

Use canva mockups to display how your race merch will look on actual t-shirts, hoodies, and more.

Pre-Styled Charts for Donation Progress

Canva graphs are a great way to display event milestone like donations made!

For Canva Pro Users

  1. Canva AI features like background remover and image expander to instantly reimagine your design.
  2. Download a transparent file to keep smooth edges along your deign when you upload to your website.

Canva’s Content License Agreement

There are some things you need to be aware of when using Canva’s library of pre-made designs to stay within their licensing agreement. For example you cannot use an unedited canva image from canva’s library of pre-made images and plop it onto a race t-shirt and then sell that design as race swag. (See Photo)

Canva does offer a library of amazing content to use in your designs, including photos, icons, illustrations, video, audio, fonts and templates (Content). If you Export a Canva Design that contains Content*, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Content License Agreement, the Canva Privacy Policy and Canva’s Terms of Use.

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