Fundraising Page Makeover: Croppie and Phase 1

Over the next week, you will notice some significant design changes to individual and team fundraising pages. We have started rolling out some of these updates, with Croppie and Phase 1 of Individual and Team Fundraising Pages already in production.


The first big update is that we have made it easy for your participants to create a custom fundraising page. When one of your participants becomes a fundraiser, they are able to upload a fundraiser image.

We’ve made it easy and simple to ensure that the profile image fits the circular profile icon on fundraising pages. This is done through an image cropping plugin called Croppie (the same tool that we’ve already added to club banner images).

It’s also easy to create a more zoomed-in version of the profile image.

PHASE 1: Individual and Team Fundraising Pages

Individual and team fundraising pages are undergoing big makeovers. The first iteration has already been released.



The first release makes fundraising pages sleek and modern. The fundraising pages better emphasize an individual’s fundraising goal progress, as well as their fundraising team and/or Charity Partner. The donation levels pull in the primary color from your race website’s color scheme, instead of defaulting to a light grey.

Fundraising team pages have also been updated. A prominent Join button at the top of the page encourages participation and team fundraising.

PHASE 2: Individual and Team Fundraising Pages

We will be doing several more releases of fundraising page updates over the next weeks. The next update is Phase 2, and it will add an optional slider heading to all fundraising pages so that your supporters can better tell their story and fundraising journey through pictures.

Fundraisers will be able to easily upload images that they want to show in their (optional) slideshow at the top of their individual and/or team fundraising page.

This will showcase the images at the top of the individual and/or team fundraising page, similar to our slider header for race website cover pages.

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