Add Multiple Dedication Settings to your Run/Walk/Ride Donations

You can now add multiple dedication settings to your race’s donation page. This gives donors more flexibility for how they can dedicate their donation when they donate to your cause.

To add multiple dedication settings, navigate to Donations/Fundraising >> Setup >> Basic Setup on your Race Dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click to expand Display Settings.

Under the heading On Behalf of Options, you will be able to quickly add commonly used designations by clicking Use This next to the designation you would like to include. Alternatively you can create your own by clicking Add Another at the bottom of the On Behalf Of Text table and entering your dedication text. All of your designations need to be entered with all lowercase letters.

Once you’ve made your updates, click Save Donation Settings at the bottom of the page. The dedication settings will show on the scrolling donor lists, donation receipts, and donation reports.

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