2019 Review: RunSignup & Facebook Fundraiser Integration

RunSignup announced our free Facebook Fundraiser integration in July 2019. The integration allows your fundraisers to auto-create a Facebook Fundraiser from RunSignup. The amounts raised on RunSignup and Facebook are automatically synced, enabling your participants (and your nonprofit) to raise more and reach fundraising goals faster.

It’s already clear from our data that the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration empowers fundraisers to raise more and reach new donors compared to only having a fundraising page on RunSignup. To get a better sense of the impact that RunSignup’s free Facebook Fundraiser is having for fundraisers, we looked at a sample of 20 races using the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration. The impact of a connected Facebook Fundraiser is significant:

  • On average, connected fundraisers raise $490.26 more than unconnected fundraisers.
  • Connected fundraisers receive 9.74 more donations than unconnected fundraisers.
  • Fifty-six percent of connected fundraisers reached their personal fundraising goal, compared to just 25.7% of unconnected fundraisers who reached their personal fundraising goals.

Connected fundraisers have, on average, 4.71 donations from Facebook. Approximately 32% of their total raised comes from Facebook donations. It’s important to note that most races in the cohort began using the integration mid-registration. We expect the number of donations and amount raised on Facebook to increase as races enable the integration prior to opening registration.

Across all races using the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration, 10% of all fundraiser donations have come from Facebook. The effective processing rate on donations has decreased from RunSignup’s flat 4% fee on donations to just 3% because Facebook pays the fees for donations that are made on Facebook. This processing fee drops even more to 0.4% when races offer the Facebook Fundraiser integration and donor-covered fees. This is huge for nonprofits: the only cost to use RunSignup is the processing fee on transactions, and Facebook Fundraising

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to enable the free RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration for your race(s) so that you can empower your fundraisers, raise more, save time, and save money in 2020.

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