Listening and Learning about Racism

While our industry is still seeing significant impacts from COVID-19, the big news this week was the movement for racial justice and protests against racism and police violence in our country. 

We’ve been thinking a lot about diversity and the impact of systemic racism on Black Americans this week, especially as a company that falls in the convergence of two industries – tech and endurance sports (as detailed herehere, and here) – that have struggled to meet calls for inclusion and outreach. Here are some of the voices we’re listening to, books we’re reading, accounts we are following, and places we are donating to make a conscious effort to address our own prejudices and the systemic racism that our country and institutions are built on.

Books and Articles




Documentaries and Movies

Social Media Accounts

Places to Donate and Participate

There is no simple solution for a complex issue, and we don’t want to repeat platitudes without accompanying action and self-awareness. But as a starting point for a long and sustainable fight against racism, we know it’s important to read, listen, learn, and have conversations to consciously recognize our own prejudices so that we can be anti-racist as individuals and as a company.

More recommendations are welcome. 

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