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We kept getting the same question of whether RunSignup and GiveSignup can work together – so we decided to make it very visual with our new combo logo you may have noticed on both websites.

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Just like those old ven diagrams you learned in school, RunSignup and GiveSignup share the same foundation with a single technical architecture platform and database:

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In fact, you can just change any url and it works on either or You will use the same login for each url, and you will have the same access to seeing your races, ticket events, donation websites, partner accounts and more from your single profile.

The other thing you will notice about the logo is the ombré. The gentle blend of the RunSignup pink and GiveSignup purple. When you go to the logo will look like this:

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The ombré represents the ability for a nonprofit to use all of the donation, fundraising, and virtual features normally associated with RunSignup – but that can also be called GiveSignup.

GiveSignup is defined as all of the features we have on the whole platform designed for nonprofits. The same team is focused on creating great fundraising features integrated with race registration as they are when creating the new features for Ticket EventsPeer to Peer Websites, and Fundraising Campaigns. This team will continue to grow and solve more problems for nonprofits with purpose-built technology that is easy to use, free, and helps nonprofits raise more and save money.

You will also start to see us use RunSignup | GiveSignup when we are talking about the whole platform. Or we may be lazy and say RunSignup or GiveSignup, but it is really the whole thing – designed for the endurance community AND nonprofits.

So, while we are known today as the premier technology provider for endurance events, we will also become known as being a premier technology provider for nonprofits focused on making money and saving money.

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