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Like many this past holiday weekend we watched Hamilton (yes, it is worth much more than a month’s cost of Disney+). The third song is Hamilton singing “My Shot”, and the lyrics had a bit of a familiar ring for little RunSignup and what we are embarking on with GiveSignup.

“I’m young, scrappy and hungry.”Hamilton

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Ten years ago we started RunSignup because we saw a community that needed good technology, that they could control, that lowered costs, and that allowed them to bring their communities together.  Just like Hamilton’s great American experiment, it was met with great success. Not without flaws, and certainly with a continued desire to learn and continue to get better.  We took our shot, and RunSignup has become the clear leader in technology, customer service and market share in the endurance market.

Last year, we introduced GiveSignup – not only to serve nonprofits better for Run-Walk-Ride fundraising, but to extend that technology offering to help them with their nonprofit events with a purpose-built nonprofit ticketing platform. And we started to lay the groundwork for a full fledged, dedicated, next-gen, multi-purpose donation and fundraising platform.

Just like RunSignup in 2010, GiveSignup is “a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal”.  We feel fortunate to have the chance to have another, even bigger shot to serve the broader needs of the nonprofit community.

The Need

Nonprofits are over-served with too many vendors with old, expensive, closed technology. And the new entrants seem to have only surface level technology with too many pay walls and custom pricing.

It seems there is no vendor truly focused on building great technology that nonprofits can control and leverage to make money and build their supporter base.

GiveSignup Focus

We are not going to solve every problem nonprofits have. We are focused on giving nonprofits these capabilities:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Easy
  • Self Serve Control
  • Low Cost
  • Mutual Success, not Subscriptions
  • Purpose Built to build your Supporter Community
  • Open


We are making the following key investments:

  • Expand our leadership Run-Walk-Ride Donation and Fundraising Capabilities
  • Purpose-built Nonprofit Ticket Platform
  • The least expensive, best looking, highest converting Donation Websites and Forms
  • Fundraising Campaigns with free integrated Facebook Fundraising
  • Nonprofit specific Customer Service & Sales


Our goal is to keep investing aggressively. There are not many opportunities in life where you can leverage the skills, talents and technology base we have to help so many people and communities.

Our goal is that by 2027, we help our customers raise over $1B per year.

We are not going to throw away our shot.

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