Donation Goal Cover Page Component

You can now add a dynamic donation goal to all event, ticket, and donation websites on GiveSignup! This lets you feature your donation goal progress prominently on your website with a clear Donate call to action.

To add a Donation Goal to your website, navigate to the Cover Page set up on your dashboard.

  • For Run/Walk/Ride, Virtual Events, Challenges: Race >> Race Page >> Cover Page
  • For Ticket Events: Event >> Event Page >> Cover Page
  • For Donation Websites: Donation Website >> Web Page >> Cover Page

Add a new section and select Data from the menu of options.

Select Donation Goal Thermometer from the dropdown list of Data Type options.

You’ll be able to add several customizations to the donation goal, including:

  • Optional Title
  • Optional Donate button (that goes to your Donation page)
  • Background Color

Click Save. You can drag and drop the Donation Goal tile to make it appear where you would like on your website.

This newest cover page update continues to show the power of a free website that’s easy to update and is connected to your event or campaign’s data and actions.

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