Show Fundraising Progress on Results

You can now show individuals’ real-time fundraising progress on their results pages with a Donate call to action. This is a great feature for nonprofits where the focus of the event is on fundraising, encouraging fundraisers to hit their goals, and creating competition around who can raise the most. The fundraising progress meter is available for all results – whether it’s an in-person event, virtual challenge, or virtual race.

To enable this feature, navigate to Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers. Then click Customizations and Display Settings.

Check the setting: “Show Individual Fundraiser Progress Meter In Results”, then click Save.

You’ll be able to customize the heading that displays above the fundraising progress meter. For example, you could change the heading to “Help me reach my fundraising goal!”

The Donate call to action will take donors to the donation screen for the individual fundraiser. The heading at the top of the page shows that the donation is going towards the fundraiser’s goal.

We are excited about this newest release to help nonprofits focus their events on fundraising while still using all of the robust results features for in-person run/walk/rides, virtual events, and virtual challenge fundraising campaigns.

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