Registration or Ticket?

One of the frequent questions we get is what is the difference between a registration and a ticket platform. This blog explains the difference and helps nonprofits decide which one to use.

Participants Register

Registration systems are built to handle not only the purchase, but also the collection of information needed for event day participation. Participants typically interact with the system extensively – signing waivers, uploading or looking at results and photos, customizing their participation like switching from the 5K to the 10K, or specifying which wave they will start with. And often, that information needs to be collected for multiple participants. In the case of RunSignup, we have extended the system for Run/Walk/Ride participation as well as integrated donations and fundraising.

Participants typically have login accounts since there is a need to assure who has rights to what data, as well as to allow participants to manage their registrations, results, fundraising, and photos after signing up. There is also the need to have “sub-accounts” when a parent is registering themselves and their family.

These accounts are also useful for fundraisers so they have access to manage their own fundraising page, reports for their donors, the ability to create a connected Facebook Fundraiser, and other tools to help them fundraise.

In the case of RunSignup, we have a purpose-built registration platform for endurance events that covers the many, many features endurance events need. Each event can customize the platform to their own needs with our flexible and extensive features, and take advantage of a wide assortment of participant management, fundraising, and race day tools.

Attendees Buy Tickets

For nonprofits, our GiveSignup team has created a purpose-built platform for nonprofits to sell and manage tickets. For nonprofits who use RunSignup for registration, this has the advantage of being built on the same database and payments platform.

GiveSignup Tickets are much lighter weight. Typically there is no forced sign-in or account creation and there is not a need to collect much information about each attendee (although you can collect information per ticket holder). There is not a need for continued interaction, and simple actions like “resend ticket confirmation” are built in nicely and only require the ticket purchaser’s email address as verification.

GiveSignup Tickets is designed for nonprofits to raise more with integrated one-time and recurring donations. It has innovative features like Donation Discounts so you can incentivize attendees to become donors. Like RunSignup, you get your own website, and you can bring your own URL for free. There is a built in store so attendees can buy extra add-ons when they are purchasing their tickets. It also includes a free mobile CheckIn App.

Pricing is simple, just like our registration system. No setup or per month fees. Free events are free. For paid tickets we charge a lower processing fee than others, and you can pass the fee to attendees (or give them the option to pay it) – so your nonprofit uses this platform for free.

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