Fundraising Events (Ep. 2): Unique Fundraiser

Episode 2 of the Fundraising Events Podcast features Allison Cummins, the event organizer for Taste the Town, a unique Ticket Event conceptualized and executed by a neighborhood group looking for ways to support local restaurants and nonprofits during the pandemic. By getting a little creative, the event raised more than 9,000+ for their nonprofit partner. It was so successful, in fact, that they recently launched a Taste the Town Take2 with a new nonprofit partner.

“Our fundraising goal was to get an extra $2,000 in donations. We blew that out of the water the first week, and our final total was over $5,000”

Allison Cummins

In this episode, Bryan and Allison dive into the origins of a truly unique fundraising idea, the strategy for building organic community support, and the way the events have been able to support local nonprofits. Feeling inspired and want to get in touch with Allison to learn more about creating your own similar event? You can reach her here:

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was recently: Ask the question. If you need a donation or you need an event sponsor, just go ask. The worst they can do is say no. Find someone you think might say yes, but it’s OK if they say no. Just ask.Allison Cummins

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The Fundraising Event podcast is your chance to hear from fundraising event experts while you run, walk, or clean your house. In each episode, GiveSignup | RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins will chat with an influencer in the event industry who’s been instrumental in helping nonprofits raise more funds. Our goal is to help share tips, tricks, and stories to help you raise more with your future events.

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