Welcome, Michael!

A big welcome to Michael Lindeboom who joined the GiveSignup|RunSignup development team this week.  Michael is a stellar addition with over 30 years of solid development experience.  Michael has seen it all contributing to everything from mainframes to mobile; on-premise to cloud computing; working in small 10 person companies to large multinational organizations.  Much of his career was spent building mission-critical systems for the Department of Defense and Big Pharma where people’s lives depend on system security, reliability, scalability, and performance.  While we are not launching missiles or distributing life-saving drugs here, our software complies with the highest standards for security and reliability in order to meet strict Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards.

Michael lives in Moorestown, home of RunSignup HQ with his wife Susan (Lindeboom). Some of our long-time customers might have met Susan who has served as Finance Manager at RunSignup for many years. As Michael has put it, “Sue and I have had many discussions over dinner about the cool things we can implement on our platform, now I can actually do something about it!”. The Lindebooms love traveling. Most recently were in Maine, Upstate NY, Utah, and the Netherlands.

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