Webinar Round-Up: Building Future-Proof Events for Fall

In this webinar, Bryan Jenkins and Steve Bingham-Hawk will take you through the differences between 2020 and today, review best practices for creating a hybrid event with a built-in contingency plan, and provide a refresher of all GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free tools you need to ensure your event is ready to handle whatever the fall brings. Here is a quick recap of what you can expect to learn:

  • Lessons from 2020. We know that people are still willing to participate, support, and give, even during a pandemic, so you need to give them options to do so. That’s why hybrid and virtual events are so important for your event strategy.
  • Your event roadmap. With so much uncertainty, in order to ensure event success, you need to innovate and adapt instead of waiting or postponing. We highly recommend getting ahead of your peers by acting now, and creating multiple backup plans.
  • Tools to remember. GiveSignup | RunSignup has tools to create better hybrid events, like custom questions for additional information, cover pages to customize website information, and digital rewards (fundraiser milestones, digital bibs, and finisher certificates).
  • Diversify your events. If you’re not sure your organization can handle a big fundraising event this fall, we suggest hosting smaller events (e.g., four virtual cooking classes vs. one auction).

What is the difference between GiveSignup and RunSignup? This graphic explains it well: It’s one platform with two purpose-built solutions for all types of events.


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