Fundraising Events (Ep. 12): The Rise of Golf Fundraisers

In this episode of Fundraising Events, Bryan Jenkins is joined by Helen Kelley, director of development at Finger Lakes Health Foundation, the fundraising arm of Finger Lakes Health, which is a multi-institutional health system that provides a full range of acute and long-term care health services to the residents of the Finger Lakes region in Upstate New York.

“I wanted as much money as possible to get into this cardiac rehab scholarship fund, so I decided to make the whole [golf tournament] virtual. And GiveSignup | RunSignup has a tremendous platform — very easy to use. It allows for the virtual challenge events, and it was very easy for me… to get [the virtual challenge] onto a website.

Helen Kelley

Join our conversation as we dive into what golf tournament fundraisers are and how Finger Lakes Health Foundation has been using them to raise money over the years, as well as uncover:

  • How versatile a golf fundraiser can be
  • More about Finger Lakes Health Foundation’s virtual golf challenge, 108 Holes for Hearts
  • How technology has helped improve supporter engagement through these events
  • And so much more!

“If you’re going to do a golf tournament, it needs to be at a nice club or course; one that people are going to want to play on… It depends on what the golf community is like, but the beauty of the virtual one is we have golfers from many different parts of the state; they’re not just from our local area, so they can play at their preferred courses.”

Helen Kelley

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The Fundraising Events podcast is your chance to hear from fundraising event experts while you run, walk or clean your house. In each episode, GiveSignup | RunSignup Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins will chat with an influencer in the event industry who’s been instrumental in helping nonprofits raise more funds. Our goal is to help share tips, tricks and stories to help you raise more with your future events.

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