Webinar Round-Up: Using Email Reporting and Statistics to Grow Your Revenue

Understanding what types of messaging resonates with your supporters is the key to the success of your email communications. That’s why it’s critical to evaluate the performance of past email messaging and identify what works and what can be improved. In the last installment of our email marketing webinar series, Steve Bingham-Hawk and Elisabeth DellaRova dive into GiveSignup | RunSignup’s free email marketing tool, which also provides nonprofits with valuable data through powerful and insightful reporting on previously sent emails. 

Here is a quick recap of what you can expect to learn:

  • Email Statistics 101. Get a basic overview of email statistics and how you can evaluate the performance of past emails to improve future messaging.
  • How to Use Email Reporting. A live demo highlights how to use our email marketing tool and the reporting tool that gives you an overview of important email statistics, as well as unsubscribes.
  • Putting Analytics to Use. Use your data to better understand past email performance, and craft better email messaging in the future to raise more for your nonprofit.
  • Your Action Plan. Here is your action plan on how you get your next email marketing campaign up and running on GiveSignup | RunSignup.

What is the difference between GiveSignup and RunSignup? This graphic explains it well: It’s one platform with two purpose-built solutions for all types of events.


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