FAQ: Introducing TicketSignup

We are excited to announce TicketSignup, an offering that provides event directors with an intuitive and free event ticketing option that works for simple, complex, and multi-day events. TicketSignup provides event directors with all the tools you need for a successful event, including free email marketing, free websites, integrated marketing tools, and an event day Ticket CheckIn App.

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  • Why Would I Use TicketSignup Instead of RunSignup or GiveSignup?

Why Offer TicketSignup?

Our company, RunSignup, was created for a simple reason: to build better technology that helps our customers grow their endurance events. As we got to know our customers, they started to ask us to help solve other technology problems beyond just endurance events. That was the impetus behind GiveSignup, which offers event technology solutions that caters to nonprofit events. The introduction of TicketSignup has similar origins. We built a robust event ticketing platform as a part of GiveSignup, and over time, for-profit event directors have expressed a need for a ticketing platform for their non-endurance events. By offering TicketSignup as an option for everyone, we are able to help our customers bring the art of technology to more of their events – and help them grow and succeed.

What Types of Events Is TicketSignup For?

You can use ticketing for a wide range of events, but popular ones include:

You don’t have to stick to “normal” events, though. We have also seen Pet Voting, Clambakes, Sporting Clays, Scavenger Hunts, Cooking Classes, and much, much more!

Why Would I Use TicketSignup Instead of RunSignup or GiveSignup?

RunSignup’s key offering is registration, whereas TicketSignup is focused on ticketing. While both are built on the same secure infrastructure with free websites, free email, store options, and CheckIn Apps, they cater to different event needs.

Registration systems are built for participants. They handle not only a purchase, but also extensive information collection, multiple interactions with registrants, account management with login, and peer-to-peer fundraising. Registration tends to be the choice for events that:

  • Have one or a few events (I.E., a 5K, a 10K, and a Marathon)
  • Need robust data collection and participant management
  • Include extensive participant interactions, such as waiver signings, viewing results, or changing events
  • Need participants to create accounts and log in to sign up and manage their registration
  • Integrate peer-to-peer fundraising pages linked to the event

On the other hand, ticketing systems are built for attendees. They are typically much lighter weight, with no forced sign-in or account creation, more limited information collection, fewer attendee interactions, and simpler donation options. They can be set up for simple events with a single ticket option, or more complex ticket choices with multiple time slots on multiple days. Ticketing tends to be the choice for events that:

  • Do not require forced sign-in or account creation
  • Have lightweight information collection, or only need full information for the purchaser (no matter how many tickets they but)
  • Have fewer continued interactions beyond event confirmation
  • Integrate one-time and recurring donations (but not peer-to-peer fundraising)
  • May have complex setups with multiple days and/or time slots

GiveSignup offers the same ticketing technology as TicketSignup. GiveSignup is geared towards nonprofit use, only, whereas TicketSignup can be accessed by all types of customers.

What are the Key Features of TicketSignup?

  • Ticket Caps based on real-time data
  • Custom information collection on each purchase or individual ticket
  • Pricing flexibility with options for automated price increases, time and quantity-based discounts
  • Offline tickets easily uploaded (for free) to keep your attendee data in one place
  • Ticket management capabilities, with the ability to enable ticket transferring by the event director or the purchaser
  • Ticket CheckIn App to seamlessly check-in tens of thousands of attendees
  • Photo platform to drive website traffic via a free photo platform with photos from your event.
  • Real-time reporting with high-level trends and detailed financial reports
  • Free email marketing with unlimited contact uploads and sends and customizable, branded templates.
  • Free websites with an easy website builder to feature your brand for every event.
  • Referral rewards tools that allow you to incentivize supporters to bring friends and family
  • Social sharing customization to increase the visibility of your event
  • Marketing analytics via Facebook and Google tracking IDs
  • Integrated credit card processing via a PCI Level 1 Compliant Payment Facilitator
  • Store to boost revenue via the sale of add-ons during checkout
  • Donation collection with one-time and recurring donations, including a donation discount option for fundraising-focused events
  • Low price, with $1 per transaction (not ticket) + 5.8% (includes all credit card costs including AMEX). Pass fees onto your supporters, absorb the fees as an organization, or split them 50-50. No hidden fees, no contract, no subscriptions, no upcharges.

Will This Mean Less Development for GiveSignup?

No! As we continue to expand our offerings, we are adding to our team to ensure that development and support for our RunSignup and GiveSignup customers remains consistent and reliable. Much of our development is across multiple offerings, either because it is focused on the core platform and infrastructure, or because many features (like the next generation email and websites) are built on one platform and then brought over to others. You can learn more about our product roadmap and what to expect to see in 2022 by catching up on our recent webinar.

When Can We Start to Use TicketSignup?

Now! Just like with a race on RunSignup, you can get started with your ticket event today – and there’s a draft mode to keep your event hidden until it’s ready. Or request a call with one of our sales reps to explore how TicketSignup can help your events.

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