More Email V2 Updates for P2P Fundraising Events

As part of the ongoing development of our FREE Email V2 tool on our registration platform, we are pleased to announce the addition of two new features to give endurance race and peer-to-peer fundraising event organizers more flexibility and ease when creating email communications: 

To create an email with our Email V2 tool, navigate to Email V2 >> Send Email. If you haven’t set up email for your race yet, you will be walked through a couple of simple steps for configuration. For step-by-step instructions on how to enable, set up, design, and send an email using Email V2, follow the tutorial in our blog, Next-Generation Email Marketing for Registration.

Horizontal Header Layout

To offer more flexibility in the design of your emails, we have added the option to display email headers in a horizontal layout that also adds buttons for your most important calls-to-action.

To get started, click on the edit icon at the top right hand corner of the header box.

The above header shows the default display, which is vertical.

In the pop-up box, you will have the option to select a vertical (default) or horizontal layout.

You’ll notice that you can still configure the Organization Name (or whatever text you’d like to include in the header) and the Organization Logo (or whatever image you’d like to use). 

The horizontal layout not only repositions the image to the left of the header with the Organization Text immediately to the right. It also adds the Sign Up and Donate buttons that link directly back to the registration and donation pages on your RunSignup website. 

Note: If donations are not enabled, the Donate button will not appear.

Horizontal and Vertical layouts side-by-side:

Horizontal Layout
Vertical Layout

Pro Tip: Since square images work best in the header to accommodate text and buttons, use this area to feature your event or organization logo. Then, to achieve the professional look of a horizontal banner image, add a section in the body of the email and insert an image content block. 

The above email uses the horizontal header layout w/ event logo, image content block, text content block, and button context block in that order.

Buttons with Predefined Links

Adding buttons while designing your email just got quicker and easier. Previously, you were only able to add a new button and point it to a custom URL. Now, you can choose from a dropdown of predefined URLs for pages on your RunSignup race website including: Results, Donations, Volunteer, and Registration. This simplifies and quickens the process of adding buttons.

Once you are inside the Email Builder tool, add a section and choose one or two columns.

To add a button, you have four options: 

  • Feature 1 (Button with dark background and text)
  • Feature 2 (Button with light background and text)
  • Image, Text, Button (Button with picture and text)
  • Button(s) (button only)

To configure button settings, click on the button.

Now, the cool new options! In the dropdown for the URL Type, you now have multiple default links to pages on your RunSignup website to assign to the button: Home Page, Race Info, Event Info, Results Page, Donation Page, Volunteer Page, and Registration Page. The previously offered option remains at the top: custom URL to link to other pages on your website or any external URL. 

When you select a predefined link (home page, race info, etc.), default button text will appear. For example, the Registration Page will default to “Sign Up” or whatever custom text you configured in your Race Theme settings. 

You still have the ability to customize the button text.

Button Color: The color of your buttons is determined by the theme color designated in the Email Builder tool. It defaults to Color 1 of your Race Theme color scheme. You can change this color by clicking on the color bar at the top right hand corner of your screen and choose from color palettes or enter in a color code – RBG, HSL, and HEX color codes are supported.

Please note: The email theme color is used for many content blocks you have already added or will add. This one color option is intended to maintain consistent branding and encourage clicks. More flexible color options may become available in the future.


Capturing the attention of your supporters and delivering relevant information to them is critical for any successful event. GiveSignup’s free Email V2 tool gives organizations flexible and powerful ways to communicate and integrate real-time data from your registrants, fundraisers, and donors. The ability to choose between horizontal and vertical layouts for an emails header and link buttons instantly to specific pages on your RunSignup website are just two of the latest enhancements added to Email V2. More features are coming that will give event organizers even more control over delivering dynamic and effective email communications.

To view a tutorial on how to use Email V2, view this demo.

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