Peer to Peer Fundraising Event Updates & Improvements

GiveSignup continues to invest in helping nonprofits raise more money and grow their fundraising events. Today our development team made several releases that improve the user experience for fundraisers and donors making a donation to a fundraiser.

1. Selecting a fundraiser automatically brings the donor to the Donate option.

On the main fundraiser page, the donor is automatically directed to the donate option, keeping the focus on completing the donation.

Note that if a donor is on a fundraiser’s page they will be taken directly to the customized donate step from there.

2. Search for an individual fundraiser on a Team Fundraising Page

There is a new option to search for an individual fundraiser from a Team Fundraising page. This is a great feature for peer to peer fundraising events with large teams, like Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk. There isn’t anything you need to do to enable this feature – it is currently on all team fundraising pages!

3. Select a Default Display for your Fundraiser, Team Fundraiser, and Charity options

Peer to Peer fundraising events using fundraising, fundraising teams, and charity partners can have different things they want to emphasize for their events. Some events like the Woodlands Marathon may want to highlight their Charity Partners on the Donate page. Other events may want to feature Fundraisers or Team Fundraisers.

There is now a setting when you navigate to Donation >> Donation Display that enables you to select which tab you’d like to be highlighted and display by default when someone clicks on the Donate page.

GiveSignup will continue to add more features and functionality for peer to peer fundraising events. Next up are fundraiser email recipient lists & replacement tags for next-generation free Email Marketing.

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