RaceDay CheckIn v34 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added the ability to use Front-Facing Cameras only in Device Settings.

This is recommended if you are using the app installed on a Chromebook or other device that only has a front facing camera.

From Race List tap Device Options icon.
This will disable the ability to change between front and rear facing cameras, and lock to only use the Front facing camera.
Or, you can quickly set from Camera Mode for Chromebooks that only have a front facing camera by tapping the info icon.

Changed Fundraising Details display.

Now we show the Amount Raised as its own field and will hide Fundraising Minimum and Goals if they are $0.

Added the ability to prevent duplicate bibs at the Event level.

This setting will make it so the app will only prevent duplicate bibs from being assigned within each Event. This could be helpful if you have two Events that use the same bib range.

This is found in Preset settings > Advanced Options > Prevent Duplicate Bibs in Event.

Added the ability to update Time formatted Custom Question Responses.

This could be useful for situations where you need to enter a time for someone in the CheckIn App (for example, how long someone planked for in a fitness challenge), or if you need to adjust an existing time (for example, if someone needed to update their expected finish time in a prediction run).

In this example, I have updated the Lookup Result Configuration Setting to go directly to the Update Participants view for quick access to update the Time Entry field.

We now prevent taking action on participants in hidden events.

You no longer will be able to checkin, change the event, or update participant info for participants that are in a hidden event.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing Participants accessed through the “Related Registrations” feature to use the Preset from the original registration, instead of the Preset from the registration that is being accessed.

So, if you had a 5k and 10k runner on the same transaction, and you require bibs on the 5k but not the 10k, if you checked in the 5k runner first, then checked in the 10k runner through the Related Registrations interface, the system would use the 5k preset on the 10k runner, thereby requiring the bib number to be entered.

Fixed formatting throughout the app for landscape orientation.

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