Grow Your Revenue with a Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Event

Hybrid Peer-to-Peer fundraising events are a great way to help nonprofits grow revenue and increase supporters. Instead of just focusing on an in person event, Hybrid events can help your organization scale its reach by including those who are supporters but live in different locations around the nation. 

When strategizing about your next P2P event, it’s important that your organization focuses on a few key ways GiveSignup enables you to have a successful event. Often we see organizations stand up their event with minimum capabilities and miss key capabilities in our product that will help you grow your fundraising and take your P2P event to the next level. 

Follow along as we dive into the top 4 key goals for your P2P event and walk through real life examples on how to achieve hybrid event success using GiveSignup to grow your nonprofits revenue. 

1. Boost Your Organization’s Awareness:

Branding is a key way to help boost your organizations awareness and GiveSignup allows BYOB (Bring Your Own Brand) allowing you to customize with your own logo and brand colors. You can also BYO Domain which helps you keep your brand front and center. Leveraging our customer cover pages allows you to really highlight your organization by enabling videos, photos, and your mission. 

Take a look at how 24.7 leveraged our cover pages to put their brand front and center. The site looks top of the line as they really took advantage of all the ways to keep their brand front and center. 

2. Expand Your Reach:

Offering multiple different ways for a supporter to engage with your event is a great way to expand your reach. 24.7 gave supporters 3 options on how to participate, in-person, virtual, or by just becoming a fundraiser. They covered all of their bases to ensure support regardless of the person’s limitations. 

Enabling fundraising is another great way to expand reach. Giving people the ability to fundraise both individually or for a team allows your supporters to fundraise through their own social channels, which ultimately garners more reach for your nonprofit. Don’t forget to enable facebook fundraiser on GiveSignup. This is another easy way to expand reach and grow donations. 

Make it a priority to leverage GiveSignup’s free email marketing. What better way to expand reach than to market to current and past participants. Email marketing is included on every event dashboard and includes default lists, unlimited contact uploads, and unlimited contact uploads.

3. Increase Donations & Supporters:

Take advantage of GiveSignup’s flexible fundraising and donation options to grow donations and donors. Collecting donations for your event is made simple with GiveSignup. Turn on donations with the click of a button to easily accept donations on your site and through your signup process. Turn on our Charity Partner option to take advantage of even more customizable donation options.

Take donations to the next level by enabling donation levels. Donation levels are a great way for donors to tie their donation to something tangible. In the example below, you can see how each donation level supported something tangible for the people this nonprofit supports.  

Don’t forget to take your cover page to the next level when you highlight your donation thermometer on your website. Let your supporters see where your organization is tracking to your goal and let them join in on helping your reach that milestone. 

4. Increase engagement with Fundraising:

Enabling both individual and team fundraisers will not only help grow donations but also grow engagement. By enabling individual and team fundraisers you are giving supporters a way to scale reach within their own network of supporters. Turning on the leaderboard will really get your supporters engaged by adding an element of competition for those who participate! And now with QR codes for individual and team fundraising pages, GiveSignup makes it even easier for fundraisers to share their pages or entice others to join their fundraising team.

Social sharing is another great way for your supporters to share your event with their friends via multiple social channels. With Social Sharing you can easily customize a message for those who share your event. You can set up a unique referral coupon or just customize the shared link description. GiveSignup also gives you the ability to customize the shared images for Social Sharing and you can even customize social sharing across each event, in-person, virtual, and for just fundraisers. 

Don’t forget to enable photos for your event. This is a great way for you and participants can upload photos from the live event as well as let virtual participants upload photos from their virtual run. Get your supporters involved and sharing all the moments from your event! 

GiveSignup offers many ways to engage with your supporters and drive additional revenue for your organization’s hybrid event. Don’t wait, get started for free today! 

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