GiveSignup Introduces Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available as a payment option when participants sign up or donate on GiveSignup, making it even faster and easier to register for events and raise more donations.

How impactful is Apple Pay as a fast payment option? Let’s take a look at GiveSignup’s Google Analytics data from the past 30 days.

  • 62.4% of users visit GiveSignup on mobile devices. In the past 30 days, we had 1,083,191 users total across 1.64 million sessions. 675,475 of the users were on mobile devices.
  • 94.1% of mobile users were on Apple devices. In the past 30 days, 635,464 out of the 675,475 mobile users were on an iPhone or iPad.
  • 22% of TicketSignup purchases use Apple Pay. We released Apple Pay for TicketSignup last week and on average 22% of attendees checkout with Apple Pay. Since we released Apple Pay, approximately 11% of registrations have used Apple Pay to checkout. Why the difference? On GiveSignup, 17.9% of users pay with a saved credit card. Moreover, 11% of new registrants signing up for their first event also choose to save their credit card for next time they signup on our platform. That means 30% of registrants already have a preferred payment method on GiveSignup compared to TicketSignup where the majority of transactions occur without an account or saved credit card.

Apple Pay is also available for standalone donations, such as when supporters donate to an event or to a fundraiser without signing up for the event. This makes donations super quick with no keyboard typing on iPhones.

Apple Pay is automatically enabled for all events. Apple Pay is not available for lotteries and fundraiser minimums. Protecht is also not available when checking out with Apple Pay. If you want to disable Apple Pay for your race, you can uncheck the box in Payment Settings:

Peer to peer fundraising events and nonprofits can raise more with an even faster and easier checkout! In the coming days we will also be releasing Apple Wallet, making it even easier for participants to have their QR codes and event information on hand for a speedy check-in.

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