Podcasting with Fundraising Directors: Stories to Inspire

All race directors know how much planning, time, and effort it takes to put on an event, and each race has a noteworthy story behind it. Bryan Jenkins, Sales Lead, sits down with various Event Directors to showcase their fundraising stories and share their why. This series aims to champion the incredible work done by non-profits and share the unique ways that each event utilized GiveSignup to raise more and grow their event. 

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Listen as the event directors reveal some of the difficulties faced while planning a fundraising endurance event. Some of the challenges covered include setbacks from covid, navigating the virtual world, and trouble recruiting new runners and fundraisers. The podcasting format allows for longer in-depth conversations where fundraising directors can touch on more nuanced topics. For more bite sized fundraising tips you can browse through advice from Fundraising Event expert, Chris Newcomer, here.

A Few Of Our Favorite Fundraising Stories

Steps for Students

Julie shares her experience with Steps for Students, a fundraising event for Catholic schools. The event utilizes the power of fundraising teams to engage the entire Archdiocese. With 56 schools, and each school being a designated fundraising team there’s a lot of moving parts to bring together. See how Steps for Students coordinates each team and how they use GiveSignup to keep an organized structure for such a large event.

Lifeline of Ohio

Juli Kunselman shares the journey behind switching to a fundraising event to raise donations for the Lifeline of Ohio, a non-profit that works to save and heal lives through organ donations. Along with growing their donations, the fundraising event served to encourage community engagement and secure participants that are actually committed to the cause year after year. See how GiveSignup was able to support the Lifeline of Ohio in transitioning to a fundraising event that captures the attention of the community.

Runners Fit Race Works

Zack Loggins is the founder of the timing company, Runners Fit Race Works. Although his company is for-profit over 90% of his clients are charities. He shares his experience supporting non-profit race events navigate hybrid and virtual races in the face of covid-19. See how GiveSignup played a key role in transitioning non-profit races to fit the virtual world.


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