Email V1 Retirement in January, 2024

As we have expanded the capability of Email V2, we are now in a position to begin the retirement of Email V1. The primary points of this transition are:

  • Email V2 is a much better email tool and system than V1, and has functional equivalency and superiority over the old system.
  • Email V2 has been out for a year now and most customers have already made the migration.
  • Transition will happen the second week of January, 2024
  • Email V1 emails will not send effective that date, including scheduled or automated emails. Customers will need to go in and set them up again in V2.
  • Email V1 old emails and reports will remain available for at least a year.
  • Email V1 will remain in the Partner Dashboard, but we will be working to replace that with Email V2 later in 2024.

We are very happy to have completed such a major upgrade for our customers. And we can’t wait to bring you Super Lists next year in Email V2 giving you the power to create complex lists based on filtering a wide variety of information in the database like location, donation level, participation level and history, etc. So stay tuned for lots more!

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