May Peer-to-Peer Roundup

One of the best parts of working with non-profit organizations is getting a front row seat to all the amazing work they do. In an effort to share the good news with more people, we do monthly roundups of great upcoming events to celebrate those organizations and help drive a little more awareness. 


Customer Snapshot

  • Fundraising goal: $150k
  • Number of years: 4
  • Event type: 5k

CACNA1A-related disorders affect many people around the world. This event aims to bring awareness, as well as raise funds for research and other types of support for the community. They’ve set a big goal of $150k and are well on their way with over $40k in donations and counting. 

Why we love it:

Fundraiser incentives

Most people aren’t in it for the prizes, but having them never hurts. The CACNA1A 5k is utilizing fundraising incentives to add a little more competition and maybe add a little extra motivation for their fundraising teams to meet and exceed their goals.

Team and individual fundraising options

GiveSignup is all about peer-to-peer fundraising. Though sometimes people choose to either have events with individual fundraisers, or fundraising teams, the CACNA1A chose to use both. It gives people more options and helps improve reach. In fact, our 2023 Race Trends Report found events using peer-to-peer fundraising raised 7x more than those not doing it. 

Downloadable kits for fundraisers 

Making sure virtual participants feel part of the larger event can sometimes be challenging. However, that’s not the case for this event. They took the time to put together downloadable packages for things like fliers that local events can use for promotional purposes. Not only does it help spread the word, it also helps those people feel more engaged. 

100 Holes for the Homeless 

Customer Snapshot

  • Fundraising goal: $75k
  • Direct to cause percentage: 100%
  • Area served : Southern and Central Indiana

100 Holes for the Homeless is an event put on by the Wheeler Mission. They serve unhoused people in southern and central Indiana. The event has been going strong for a few years now, with a goal to raise $75k. It’s a great community event and they donate 100% of the funds directly to the cause. 

Why we love it:

In-depth event information

Along with giving people good information about the event and organization, 100 Holes for the Homeless also has a variety of helpful information on their site on how to do things like set up a fundraising team. Having that information readily available makes it easier for those interested to participate and get active with the event.  

Countdown clock and donation tracker

There are a number of ways to motivate people and 100 Holes for the Homeless is using two of our favorites: time and progress. They have a countdown clock to event day on their site, which could act as a subtle nudge for people to register sooner. Further, they have a donation tracker showing how close they are to their fundraising goal. It lets people know progress is happening, which could motivate some extra donations. 

Waterman Eco-Challenge

The Waterman Eco-Challenge is a fun community event that celebrates the spirit of summer all while raising funds for Nonprofits in Rhode Island. The event offers supporters a variety of activities to participate in. Including run, swim, and paddling events. Or, if someone can’t choose they can do a hybrid event of all three activities. 

Customer Snapshot

  • Fundraising goal: $25k
  • Event types: Run, walk, swim

Why we love it: 

On-brand website 

An event website can be the first impression someone gets of your event. When a site is as polished as the Waterman Eco-Challenge site, it helps instill confidence in any potential registrants and helps communicate it will be a quality event. GiveSignup’s intuitive website builder makes it easy to do with a straightforward interface and plenty of design options to keep things on-brand.

Store options 

It’s good to give people multiple options for ways to show their support. Having store items gives non-participants a way to show support. It also gives participants another chance to show even more support for the event. With GiveSignup you can choose to have your store as a standalone, offer items during registration, or both.

Price increases

Time after time we’ve seen that deadlines motivate people to act. The Waterman Eco-Challenge is using price increases for their events to incentivize people to sign up early. And if they choose to wait, then they’re getting a higher ticket price, bringing in more funds for a good cause. Best of all, you can easily automate price increases with GiveSignup and even create email reminders to send to past participants.

Looking forward

It’s always encouraging to see the different ways people use events to positively impact their communities. If you’re interested in getting a monthly dose of good news, feel free to subscribe to the GiveSignup blog. And if you’re ready to get your own event going, you can create one for free here.

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