Add a Donation at Checkout

It’s now even easier to ask non-donors if they would like to add a donation at checkout. This helps nonprofits raise more money when people sign up for their events.

To enable the quick checkout donation, navigation to Donations >> Settings >> Checkout Add-on.

You can add between one and three donation amounts.

Participants who did NOT make a donation when signing up will see the donation add-on on the checkout page, prompting them to donate before completing their purchase.

Some events are already using this feature with the checkout page donation that is tied to charity partners. Note that events cannot enable both at the same time, and you’ll get an error. For events that need donation $s to get paid to charity partner payment accounts, you should continue to use the charity partner donation checkout. Additionally, the charity partner donation checkout randomizes the charity partner displayed – which is best for races with multiple charity partners.

Prompting non-donors to donate at checkout can significantly help increase donations. The 2023 RaceTrends report found that a race without the checkout add-on got an average of 33 donations. On the other hand, events with the donation add-on received 108 donations on average. In addition, events that accept donations on the checkout page raise more – on average, $3,735 compared to $986 per race. GiveSignup continues to add features that help events grow donations.

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