Fundraising Team Milestones & Badges

You can now create milestones and award badges to Fundraising Teams! There are three types of milestones and badges for teams:

  • Amount Raised
  • Number of Donors
  • Number of Team Members

Navigate to Fundraising >> Team Fundraisers >> Team Fundraiser Milestones and click Team Fundraiser Milestones set up milestones and badges for teams.

Click Add Milestone to add your first milestone. You’ll be able to select a Milestone Type (Amount Raised, Number of Donors, Number of Team Members) from the dropdown list.

Based on the milestone you choose, you’ll be able to customize additional fields including:

  • Milestone Label: Message that displays when hovering over the badge.
  • Badge Type: You can choose to use on of our default badges (default, star, circle) or upload your own custom badge! We recommend using Canva to create unique and fun badges for your fundraisers.
Custom Upload
  • Amount Raised, Number of Team Members, Number of Donors: Based on the Milestone Type you select, you’ll be required to enter an amount or number that will result in the badge being earned. For example, $500 or 10 donors.

You can easily reorder milestones by dragging and dropping. Badges will display in the order that they are earned based on your order in the dashboard, with all earned badges appearing before unearned badges.

Fundraising Achievements show on the Team Fundraising page, and can also be viewed in the linked Trophy Case. Unearned badges are greyed out so that your fundraisers are incentivized to earn them!

Team Fundraising Badges are another great gamification addition to GiveSignup’s free peer-to-peer fundraising event platform. Your nonprofit can reward teams with badges for achieving a variety of fundraising milestone in addition to awarding badges to individual fundraisers!

GiveSignup is focused on adding more free tools to help nonprofit event organizers raise more through peer-to-peer fundraising events. Enhancements like these are all part of GiveSignup’s efforts to add more opportunities for nonprofits to engage your supporters, strengthen your event brand, and raise more.

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