Transitioning to Email V2: FAQ

Below are a number of commonly asked questions regarding Email V2. For a start with transitioning to Email V2, please review the resources below.

What happens if I don’t enable Email V2 for my races before January 15th 2024?

Starting on January 15th 2024 we’ll automatically enable Email V2 on your account. You will no longer be able to send from Email V1. However, you will still have access to all your data in Email V1, including custom lists, sent emails, and templates that you had created.

What’s the difference between draft emails and templates?

A draft email is a message you’ve started but haven’t completed. Essentially, it’s an email you started but aren’t ready to send just yet.

An email template is a reusable layout that can include a number of elements like text and images. A template acts as a starting point for an email, but you still have to add elements like a subject line, and recipient list. Templates can be shared across multiple races.

How can I copy an Email V2 template to other races?

One great new feature of Email V2 is the ability to share email templates with other races. To do so, select “Email V2” from your main dashboard in the sidebar, then select “templates” and “your saved templates” after that. Once there, you’ll see a drop down option on the template tile. Click that and select “Export template.” From there you’ll see a list of your saved templates and can select a few or all of them to export to other events.

Customers using Organization Email can share templates across both races and ticket events. 

How are unsubscribes from email marketing handled when I enable Email V2?

If you’re moving from Email V1 to Email V2, you don’t need to do anything. Email marketing unsubscribes are automatically transferred to Email V2 when you enable it. 

If you are moving your email lists from an external platform, you will need to paste in unsubscribes (Email V2 >> Reports >> Unsubscribes). Currently you an paste in 1,000 at a time; you can also upload them as a custom list to always exclude.

Do I need to keep an existing subscription to another email service like MailChimp?

The short answer is no. You can use our email marketing tools to send all kinds of emails, not just event-specific ones. However, if you have significant needs outside of specific event communications, we recommend you look into Organization Email. Organization Email lives separately from your events and can be used for broader communications like newsletters and community outreach. From your Organization Email Dashboard, you can access all contact lists for races and ticket events using the same payment account, as well as upload unlimited custom contacts.

To get started with Organization Email check out our on-demand webinar or create your Organization Email Dashboard today.

P.S. We love Organization Email so much that we use it for all our external communications!

What’s the difference between marketing and transactional emails in V2?

Marketing emails are typically promotional messages. For example, these would be emails promoting a registration launch or price increase for your race.

Transactional emails are ones that communicate logistical information such as packet pickup and QR codes for check-in. These should be sent only to people who have actively indicated they want the information by registering for your race.

Separating the lists means people can unsubscribe from one, without the risk of missing out on the other. Using these email types correctly ensures that your participants don’t miss key pre-race information because they opt out of marketing emails.

Do clubs have Email V2?

The legacy club platform does not have Email V2. However, Memberships (our next generation of clubs) will have Email V2 built in with access to all the same features you see in races. Look for the initial release of Memberships soon!

Do partners have Email V2?

Currently, no, Email V2 is not available on the Partner Dashboard. We are planning to bring Email V2 to partners in 2024, but don’t yet have a release date. In the meantime, partners are encouraged to use the “Share Template” function to share templates with their races.

What do the deduplication options in Email V2 mean (and where are they)?

The deduplication options in Email V2 are essentially a way to stop someone signed up to multiple lists from receiving multiple instances of the same email (or ensure that they get multiple emails when they need to).

  • Email, name, and placeholders – This option means the email is only deduplicated if the name, email, and placeholders are all the same. This means that if someone registered their entire family for a race, they will get an email for each participant. If you’re including placeholders like a QR code for check-in or a wave time for the participant, it’s important that an email is sent for each registrant.
    • Best for: logistical event communications with participant, fundraiser, or volunteer placeholders.
  • Email and name – This option means each recipient with a unique name will receive an email, even if the email address is the same. 
    • Best for: Communications that need to be personal based on the name.
  • Email only – This option means emails are sent once to each email address, no matter how many times the email appears on the list.
    • Best for: marketing emails with no important personalized replacement tags.

How can I view clicks, opens, and conversions for a specific email?

There are a few ways you can access reporting on your emails.

Email V2 Reports. To access these, navigate to Email V2 >> Reports >> Email Statistics. These will show you delivery, open, click, and spam reports for your emails. However, these statistics are by day, not by email.

RaceInsights: You can access RaceInsights directly from your race dashboard. Simply set the dates you want to look at, scroll past the graph, and click into your Email Sources. This will show you every pageview, registration, and transaction dollar associated with each email sent from Email V2.

Does TicketSignup have Email V2? 

It does. The first iteration of Email on TicketSignup was actually Email V2. This allowed us to refine the initial product and build out additional features before bringing it to RunSignup customers. And now, all future feature updates to email will be immediately available to all events whether they are ticket events or races. In the future, this will also be true for Partners and Memberships.

What About Private Labeling?

We ended the option for private labeling emails in early 2023. In the last few years, we have invested a ton in email deliverability. This includes:

  • Authenticate Emails – Comply with a variety of standards like DKIM, SPF and DMARC. GiveSignup does this on behalf of customers and has a very high ranking for quality and deliverability.
  • Enable Easy Unsubscribe – Again, GiveSignup takes care of this for you and ensures emails that we deliver have good Unsubscribe mechanisms. We track unsubscribes on a per event basis, with marketing + transaction email buckets..
  • Ensure Wanted Emails – Gmail tracks spam rate reports and will cut off services. We segment our email traffic and monitor these parameters and take both proactive and reactive action to remove senders with high spam rates to protect our overall deliverability.

It is not feasible for us to build, monitor, and communicate with many customers on an ongoing basis to ensure reliable deliverability with private labeling. This does not effect your branding capabilities – you can still set the From Name, Reply To Name, and Reply to Email Address in Settings.

Will I still be able to see my email history after the shutoff date?

Yes, you will still have access to sent emails, email lists, and other historical information from Email V1 after the shutoff date. You just won’t be able to send emails from the system. 

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