Mail a Card for Donations

Donors now have expanded ways to dedicate their donations on GiveSignup. If they choose to dedicate their donation, your nonprofit can offer the option to mail a card to the honoree or a family member/friend of the honoree. 

Mail a Card for Donations

To enable Mail a Card for donations, navigate to Donations >> Setup >> Tribute Information. Toggle the setting to Enable Mailing Address Collection on. There is also an option to customize the text that shows on the donation page.

This enables the setting on the donate page. By default, it is not expanded in order to keep the donation option simple and easy. When a donor wants the nonprofit to mail a card to their honoree, they can expand to enter the address.

From the dashboard, there is a new Donation Dedication report that displays all the Mail a Card addresses, along with the donation information. Access the report by navigating to Donations >> Reports >> Donation Dedication.

Mail a Card for donations is a great way to provide more options for donors when they contribute to your nonprofit. Next we will be adding even more donor capabilities with the introduction of E-Cards!

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