Technology for Year-Round Peer-to-Peer Fundraising…

GiveSignup makes raising money year-round easy with technology to help you communicate with supporters, promote your cause, empower your fundraisers, and access reporting.

Free Website

Customize your free GiveSignup website with your branding and your mission. Add website pages to explain and promote your fundraising efforts and engage your potential fundraisers.

Free Email

Use free and integrated email to reach your supporters and communicate with your fundraisers. Custom replacement tags make personalization a breeze.

Fundraising Gamification

Make fundraising fun with progress-based milestones and badges for your fundraisers. Showcase every fundraiser’s goal thermometer and a trophy case of all their fundraising achievements!


Access information and updates about all your fundraisers in an instant. With customizable reports, it’s simple to understand the status of every fundraiser.

Year-Round Fundraising (No Event)

Fundraising Website…

Turn off event options, and your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Event website is simply a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Website. With customizable buttons and options to hide sign up, it’s an easy conversion.

  • Flat 4% processing fee (including credit card fees!) for donations with the option to absorb, pass on, or ask donors to cover it with a custom prompt
  • Full website capabilities with unlimited content pages
  • BYO custom domain or subdomain for your fundraising website.
  • Provide fundraisers with toolkits based on their fundraising use case – whether it’s through an event, for an occasion, or just because they want to promote your cause.
Website with Fundraising options

Individual Fundraising…

Allow individuals to become fundraisers for your cause.

  • Automatically create a fundraising page for each fundraiser as they sign up
  • Set default messaging and images that fundraisers can customize for a more personal appeal
  • Design beautiful slideshows of fundraisers’ images and photos and maintain your nonprofit’s brand across all pages
  • Set suggested or required fundraising goals and auto-charge unmet fundraising minimums

Team Fundraising…

Teams have more fun and raise more.

  • Allow or require fundraisers to create or join a team
  • Set default content for team pages with flexible options for team captains to customize
  • Support multiple team captains
  • Roll up all individual donations to the team, with ability to prevent or allow donations to the team without selecting an individual
  • Customize data for team captains in team roster reports

Fundraising Rewards and Gamification…

Incentivize fundraisers with rewards, leaderboards, badges, and more:

  • Feature fundraiser leaderboards and donation thermometers throughout your event website
  • Award milestones and badges to individuals and teams for amount raised, number of donors, Facebook Fundraiser connected, team captain/member
  • Social sharing, auto-join fundraising team URLs, and a fundraiser email hub help individuals recruit team members + donors

Fundraising Reports and Analytics

Track your progress and keep in touch with your supporters with comprehensive fundraising reports.

  • Donor reports for individual fundraisers and fundraising team reports for captains
  • Backend reporting of all online and manually added donations, including Facebook Fundraiser donations
  • Individual and team fundraiser reports with easy export options
  • Real-time website analytics to track which promotions, emails, and other websites drive registrations and donations
  • Add limited or full report access for your nonprofit’s staff

Free Email Marketing

Attract new supporters and communicate clearly committed fundraisers with free and unlimited email marketing.

  • Free email with unlimited contacts and sends
  • Dynamic and custom replacement tags for more personal appeals.
  • Easy drag & drop email builder with system templates and pre-built emails to help you get started.
  • Track the success of every email.

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Fundraiser Incentives

Peer-to-peer fundraising events can now create Fundraiser Incentives to raise more with rewards for fundraisers who commit to higher fundraising levels. GiveSignup makes it easy to promote incentives and collect information needed for rewards when fundraisers sign up. With total branding flexibility,…

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Donation E-Cards

We are very excited to announce that E-Cards are now available when supporters make a donation. Your fundraising event can give donors the option to add a personal touch to their giving experience with GiveSignup’s Donation E-Cards – and incentivize more donations!…

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February Peer-to-Peer Roundup

It’s truly a gift that we get to partner with so many amazing events raising money for great causes and organizations. And there’s certainly no shortage of amazing events to shine a light on, but we like to pick a few we…

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Umbrella Fundraising Teams for Peer to Peer Fundraising Events

Peer to Peer fundraising events can now create Umbrella Fundraising Teams. Umbrella Fundraising Teams group fundraising teams into super teams. Umbrella Fundraising Team pages feature dynamic counts for number of teams, number of team members, and total donation amount raised by included…

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Mail a Card for Donations

Donors now have expanded ways to dedicate their donations on GiveSignup. If they choose to dedicate their donation, your nonprofit can offer the option to mail a card to the honoree or a family member/friend of the honoree.  To enable Mail a Card…

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Account Claiming and Merging

GiveSignup has always made it easy for users to claim and merge accounts. We’ve improved both the claiming and merging process for participants, members, and fundraisers. Claiming now works across the GiveSignup platform as well as for an individual race. This makes…

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Fast Team Fundraiser Search

We improved the team fundraiser search when fundraisers sign up. This makes it easier to quickly find the team that they want to join – particularly useful for larger peer to peer fundraising events with hundreds or thousands of teams. GiveSignup continues…

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Sponsor Grid for Email V2

Sponsors are a key part of most races and peer to peer fundraising events. Now you can easily feature them in emails with the Sponsor Grid for Email V2! The new and highly customizable sponsor grid is easy to add to any…

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Customize Fundraiser Donation Instructions

Peer to Peer Fundraising events can now customize the fundraiser instructions that appear on the donation page and donation step of registration. By default, the instructions are “Select a fundraiser to donate to a cause”. The term fundraiser is responsive to custom…

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Custom Question Fundraiser Milestones & Badges

Peer to peer fundraising events can now award milestones and badges based on responses to custom registration questions. For example, give a cat badge to every fundraiser who adopted a cat. Custom question fundraiser milestones and badges are another creative way to…

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GiveSignup 2024 Product Roadmap

At the end of the year, we publish multiple blogs that give a product recap, infrastructure recap, and 2024 Product RoadMap. Our GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap and 2024 Roadmap will focus on peer-to-peer fundraising. Since GiveSignup customers benefit from all of our…

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GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap

At the end of the year, we publish multiple blogs that give a product recap, infrastructure recap, and 2024 Product RoadMap. Our GiveSignup 2023 Product Recap and 2024 Roadmap will focus on peer-to-peer fundraising. Since GiveSignup customers benefit from all of our…

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