Webinar Recap and Recording: Keep Challenge Participants Engaged with Milestones and Badges

Milestones and badges are the latest way to keep your participants engaged in your challenge, offering them intermediate rewards on the journey to their goal. RaceDay Product Manager Matt Avery detailed types of milestones you can set, adding custom badges, and using milestones to keep your participants motivated.

Milestones can be set for teams or individuals and can be based on distance covered, elevation gained, or a custom tally. Milestones can be set as

  • Fixed milestones at pre-set “points”
  • Repeating milestones for repeated progress
  • Percentage milestones for reaching a percentage of a Goal

Badges are the digital reward for reaching a milestone – and they can be customized to highlight and enhance the theme of your event.

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The most current information about RunSignup’s Challenge Platform, including:

  • Detailed and up-to-date Set Up Guides
  • Blog posts (you can also find all blog posts about challenges here: https://runsignup.blog/?s=challenge)
  • Live Challenge Examples that customers have set up on RunSignup
  • Sample Challenges that we created for you to test. Some of them are on the test server, meaning you can “sign up” and test out the challenge platform as a user.
  • Best practices for shipping & fulfillment, sponsors, and promotion

Additional helpful links, including Virtual Races, Looking Forward, and Creative Challenge Examples.

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Badges Artwork

  • Setting up Milestones and Badges
  • Open Badge Designer: This tool has built in backgrounds that look like badges, a handful of icons, and the ability to upload additional images, add text, and adjust the colors. It requires an email, but is free to use.
  • CanvaOur perennially-recommended tool for low-cost graphics without a designer can also make badges. You can find some badge-shapped elements, but we really like this for the ability to make animate GIFs for badges. You can use it for free, but most of the premium images and gifs require a Pro membership ($9.95-$12.95/month).
  • Badges to Download: We have some badges, both GIF and static, that you can download and use for any event

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