Email Capture Migration to Email V2

Today we are running a migration to move anyone still using Email Capture in Email V1 to Email Capture in V2. We automatically set up your Email Capture settings and configurations in Email V2.

One of the benefits of Email Capture in Email V2 is that we automatically create a default Email Capture list. You can import your contacts from Email Capture in Email V1 to the new default Email Capture list in Email V2 anytime.

This is part of our full transition to Email V2 on January 15th. Starting on January 15th 2024 we’ll automatically enable Email V2 for your event(s). You will no longer be able to send from Email V1. However, you will still have access to all your data in Email V1, including custom lists, sent emails, and templates that you had created.

You can find more information about the transition and Email V2 here:

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