Volunteer Communications Upgraded to Email V2

We have migrated and upgraded Volunteer Communications to Email V2. Event and volunteer coordinators with limited dashboard access can now use Email V2 to send emails to volunteers. Email V2 also introduces new capabilities for Volunteer emails, including the ability to schedule volunteer emails from the communications tab and use the Email Builder to design beautiful and professional volunteer emails.

Navigate to Volunteer >> Communications >> Send Email. When you click recipients, you can select all current volunteers, all past volunteers, and/or specify recipients by volunteer task. You can also upload unlimited contacts via CSV or manually add a single contact.

Volunteer task coordinators will only see recipient lists for the tasks that they are in charge of.

You can create volunteer emails with our easy to use point-and-click Email Builder. In addition, you can fast track creating volunteer emails with RunSignup’s Prebuilt Emails. We’ve added a new Volunteers category with prebuilt Volunteer emails. Choose a template, then customize with your event’s details and any additional content. Note that templates can only be created from Email V2; however, saved templates are available for Volunteer Communications.

Volunteer replacement tags are available for volunteer recipients. You can also use general replacement tags like Race Details, basic contact info, and links & QR codes.

You can save your email at anytime as a Draft. Access draft emails by going to Volunteer >> Communications >> Draft Emails. You can also immediately send or schedule volunteer emails. Then click Send or Schedule Email at the bottom of the page. Note that you can cancel or copy scheduled emails by going to Volunteer >> Communications >> Scheduled Emails.

View previously sent emails by going to Volunteers >> Communication >> Sent Emails. You can also view legacy emails sent with Legacy Email Marketing. This makes it easy to copy content from legacy volunteer emails and recreate in Email V2 Volunteer Communications.

Email V2 enhances GiveSignup’s free Volunteer platform. We make it easy for volunteer coordinators to use GiveSignup’s free Email Marketing for volunteer communications.

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