Your email strategy is a key channel of communication with past and potential registrants. Build professional emails for free and widen your reach with GiveSignup’s organization email platform.

Organization Email Features…

3 Steps

Fly through the email marketing wizard and create the base of your email dashboard in 3 simple steps.


Our email builder is easy to navigate, so creating emails is stress free.

Secure Access

Extend secure email access to your staff and team so everyone who needs to add content can.


There’s no hiding our pricing. We have no subscriptions, no plans, and no monthly fees.

GiveSignup Uses Organization Email

We ditched our expensive email provider for our own organization email platform. Now we create, send, and mange all of our marketing emails through the same product we offer our customers. See real examples of our newsletter emails sent through our organization email dashboard here.

Email Builder

Are you a current GiveSignup user? Good news, Organization Email uses the same email builder as Email V2- you’re already a pro!

If you are new to the platform you’ll learn quick. Our email builder is comprised of point and click element blocks so it’s simple to create a professional email.

  • Drag and drop to arrange email
  • Create with image gallery to seamlessly pull in images used across all of your events
  • Pre-coded content blocks include: buttons, dividers, QR. codes, social icons, and more.

Email Lists

Organization Email’s dynamic and pre-populated lists make sending an email a breeze. Every RunSignup, TicketSignup, and GiveSignup event you’ve made will automatically integrate it’s lists of participants, volunteer, ticket holders, donors, and more.

Draft, Schedule, Send

Organization Email makes it easy to manage all of your emails at every stage.

  • Draft: Take a pause and come back to your email, your edits will be saved.
  • Scheduled: Set the date and time for when you want your email to send. Forgot to add in some information? Cancel the scheduled email and make edits.
  • Sent: Review all of your sent emails in one place. See a snapshot of total recipients, classification and more. Sent emails have the option to easily resend and view in browser.


Your organization email dashboard comes with pre-built emails for endurance events, ticket events, clubs, and more. Additionally, like Email V2, you still have the freedom to create your own templates for a streamlined email creation process.

Organization Email is Perfect for….


Cross Event Promotion

Company News

Introducing New Events

Promoting Membership

Watch and Learn: Organization Email Marketing

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